Player Ranks

A new player whose whitelist application hasn’t been accepted yet.
Everyone whose whitelist application has been accepted has this rank regardless of other ranks.
A dead player. They must complete all three trials before they can leave the Nether and become alive again.
A living player. If they die, they respawn in the Nether and become dead.

Staff Ranks

See also: Staff Rules

Guides are similar to Helpers on other servers.
  • Powers
    • Review whitelist applications.
    • Kick and warn players.
    • Kill players as a punishment.
    • Temporarily mute or ban players.
    • Un-mute but not un-ban players.
    • Check player information, but not IP.
    • Vanish out of thin air.
  • Responsibilities
    • Aren’t expected to have good attendance.
    • Enforce rules and help players.
    • Review whitelist applications.
    • Respond to and resolve support tickets
Junior Moderator
Moderators are expected to be active, reliable, and trustworthy.
  • Powers
    • All powers of Guides.
    • Permanently mute, ban, or IP-ban players.
    • Check player IP.
    • View and edit player inventories.
    • Change game mode and basic cheats.
    • Full access to the teleport menu.
    • Full access to player properties.
    • Read-only access to console.
  • Responsibilities
    • All responsibilities of Guides.
    • Expected to have good attendance.
    • Keep an eye on players while vanished.
    • Inspect logged block changes and rollback griefs upon request.
    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Minecraft, rules, commands, plugins, etc.
    • Contribute to server projects when needed.
Senior Moderator
A moderator who has been around for years and can be trusted with all permissions.
  • Powers
    • All powers of Junior Moderators.
    • All in-game permissions.
    • Ability to OP themselves temporarily. (No one can be OP permanently.)
    • Access to console (maybe).
  • Responsibilities
    • All responsibilities of Junior Moderators.
    • Recruit and train guides and new junior moderators.
    • Ensure staff are preforming their duties effectively.
    • Communicate staff expectations and takes disciplinary action when necessary.
& Owner
Administrators are responsible for maintaining system stability and implementing changes to the system.
  • Powers
    • All powers of Senior Moderators.
    • Full access to console.
  • Responsibilities
    • All responsibilities of Senior Moderators.
    • Provide technical support for plugins issues our players encounter
    • Manage the configuration and operation of plugins and the server
    • Monitor the system daily and respond immediately to security or usability concerns
    • Create and verify backups of data