Warp Menu

No cheaty commands for teleports. Instead, you craft a compass which presents an easy-to-use menu. The server is split into multiple realms, and your location in each realm will be saved. Instead of /home and /sethome, use a bed to set home, and a compass to teleport.


The Nether
The hellish wasteland that everyone goes to when they die.
See also: Afterlife.
A castle in the sky where you appear upon resurrection. This acts as a hub for trade and travel between realms.
A secret realm for staff members to build structures for the server.
A regular survival world.
A survival world with amplified world generation.
The End
The place where you go to slay the Ender Dragon and raid End Cities. Besides that, it’s a boring empty wasteland.

Public Warps

Public warps exist to make travel to public places easy. To be eligible for a public warp, the place must be beneficial to the server as a whole. Public warps may be added or removed at any time by staff discretion. The following are examples of eligible places:

  • Active towns/cities that are open to applications.
  • Farms/grinders for public use. (May include a fee.)
  • Shops that are not out of stock.
  • Fully functional mini-games.
  • Extraordinary builds fully open to exploration.

How to Apply

Type /apply warp in-game. Make sure you read all of the terms, and have the necessary fee and information prepared.